Club Fee Overview

Join a passionate group of people who love motorcycles, racing and building a platform for young riders to fulfill their dreams.  Become a member today and get full access to the RUBiS Southside Raceway, rental bikes, discounted or free event passes, special offers and privileges, and much more. 


Membership & Race Fees

Adult Membership - $50 per year

Adult Race License - $50 per year

Youth Membership (Children 12 and Under) - $35 - per year

Youth Race License (Children 12 and Under) - $20 - per year 

Adult & Youth Race Day Fees - $20 

Adult & Youth Mock Race Day Fees - $10


Storage Fees 

Container Storage Fee - $800 per year 

Bike Storage Fee - $200 per bike and $100 per additional bike per year


Open Track Day FEES

Open Track Day (Club Members) - $10 

Open Track Day (Members of the public) - $25


Bike Rental Fees

Pit Bike Rental (Members Only) - $15 per hour 

BMRC Event Rentals / Open Track / Race Day- $15 per heat 



The BMRC can offer members of the public and organizations great experiences such as birthday parties and team building exercises. Contact us today if you would like to explore options for a thrill seeking adventure.  

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