Ensuring Equal Opportunities for All Children to Live Their Dreams with the Coalition for the Protection of Children

In the Fall of 2016, the Bermuda Motorcycle Racing Club and the Coalition for the Protection of Children began a partnership to assist Bermuda's most vulnerable children in entering into a sporting community in a way that would otherwise be impossible. Five boys aged 8 through 13 have already benefited from the union with one student about to enter into his second term advancing through the BMRC Youth Riding Clinic. As a natural on the track, he is already on a path to greatness.

The BMRC was honored to present the Coalition with three gift certificates for their annual "Toys for Tots" Christmas party this year which provides disadvantaged families with special gifts for children during a time when most are struggling financially. The charity's young recipients attended the Fall Riding Clinic's Open House just before Christmas and received a 20-minute introductory session with our head coach and ex-pro racer, Antoine Richards.

Founder and Chair of the charity, Sheelagh Cooper, has expressed her appreciation for such a collaborative effort towards the island's youth and believes the introduction to the sport to be "a little boy's dream." Igniting a passion for the sport and thrill of motorcycle racing while also providing a safe and welcoming community for Bermuda's youth are just a few of the early perks of this special partnership.