The First Annual Bermuda Motorsports Expo: FIVE Reasons to Come

Ryan Chequer - A BMRC Riding Clinic Rider

Ryan Chequer - A BMRC Riding Clinic Rider

This Sunday on January 29th, the First Annual Bermuda Motorsports Expo will take place at the RUBiS Southside Raceway. The event is the first of its kind and will showcase the four major motorsports on the island: motorcycle racing, motocross, karting, and power boats.

For the Bermuda Motorcycle Racing Club, here are FIVE reasons to stop by and see us:

Get on the track

Dust your bike down and get on the track with former and new riders, bike enthusiasts and the new kids on the block. This is the first time the event is happening so we are going with the flow and encouraging all members, friends and the community to come out and get involved with the fun rides and activities that we are taking part in.

Early registration for riding clinics

Do you have a youngster in the family or the neighbourhood who has a bunch of energy and would love to ride? If so, we are doing an early registration for the Spring riding clinics. We have a variety of classes that any child (from the age of 5) or young adult can sign up for. Come down and find out more. 

Find out about the racing season

To be honest - we have not had a Championship Season that has made noise in a while. This year, we are working hard to change that. With fewer race classes, lower riding fees and sponsors biting to help us beef things up, we have a lively racing season building. Come down and chat with other people racing, aspiring racers and call out riders who have been chatting for years but haven't brought their bikes to the grid. To really put the Club on the map, it is simple - we need riders. Let's do this!

Give your insight on how to grow the club

It may take a village to raise a child but it needs an army of engaged people to get the BMRC to where it should be. The Committee is at best a group who represent the needs of members and makes sure that the Club continues to grow. We all have ideas but if they are not voiced, nothing happens. No holds barred - how can we be better?

Find out how you can get involved

We are going places this year. With talks of trips overseas over the next 12 - 18 months, beefed up race classes, community programs, school tours and events that you would be proud of, there are several ways that you can play a part. We need help - but don't expect us to be a nag, any efforts would be much appreciated.