Get suited and race this season



Don't miss out on the fun. Become a racing member, get your bike ready and get some seat time - the others are putting in the work as we speak. New and old faces will be on the grid this year and with the Club bouncing back from a tough run, the more riders we have the bigger it gets for everyone. 

This year we've lowered all racing fees to make it easier for riders to do what they love best - race. We also understand that it takes a lot of money and work to maintain a racing bike, so we've revamped the prize structure and have recognition programs lined up to make it worth your time. 

Join us for the 2017 Racing Season and bring your friends that have been talking about coming back to the track. Better days are ahead for the BMRC and we can't do it without you.  

Head over to our racing page to learn more about this season. Click the link below to fill out a 2017 BMRC Racing Membership Form and join us at the RUBiS Southside Raceway. 

Online Form:

The Season Opener is May 14th - time is ticking.