Overseas Youth Racing Spotlight: Ryan Chequer

Ryan Chequer 

Ryan Chequer 

Ryan first joined the BMRC family at the age of five and has been loving the experience ever since. The independence, challenge, and thrill of riding has him hooked! Over the last three years, Ryan has continually met and exceeded personal goals, growing as a rider and a young man.  

Ryan’s love of track and baseball keep him well rounded in regards to sports - but none challenge him the way riding does. His dedication to the sport is continually fueled by a shared love of riding with his father, Alex.

His mother, Catherine, believes that "the teaching, knowledge, support and dedication that Ryan and his peers continually receive from the BMRC coaches and team are integral to the development of all of the boys, not only as riders but as citizens of the island." She asserts that Ryan’s experience as a member of the BMRC is no doubt playing an important role in the young man he is becoming: "Riding brings life lessons. Thank you, BMRC!"

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