Overseas Youth Racing Spotlight: Norre Robinson


Norre has always loved adventure and all things thrilling. For his fourth birthday he got his first 50cc motorcycle which he would ride around his yard or on an open field. At age 7, his family was invited to a BMRC Open Track Day where he got to experience the feel for the race track and the world of racing. It was from this point that his passion for riding began.

As his passion grew, Norre made an agreement with his mother, Vernisha, that if he could remain on the honor roll at Port Royal Primary for one year he could purchase his own race bike. He was determined to get his bike and worked hard over the next year to maintain his honor roll status and was eventually awarded his new 90cc Pisterpro motorcycle.

Norre, now 10 years old, is excited to embark on the opportunity of a lifetime and is looking forward to the upcoming training and race experience in California.

We are seeking sponsorship to bring the group cost down for the training expenses - every donation helps. If you are interested in supporting the group by making a financial contribution, please visit their GoFundMe Page at https://www.gofundme.com/bermudakidsvisitm1gp

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