Overseas Youth Racing Spotlight: Nathaniel Binega-Northcott

Nathaniel Binega-Northcott

Nathaniel Binega-Northcott

Since he was 3 years old, Nathaniel has had an infatuation with motorcycles, stemming from his best friend's involvement in motocross racing. This sparked his passion as he'd regularly visit the Southside Motorsports Park with him and watch his races but Nathaniel didn't race until much later on. 

In 2015, he started riding pit bikes through the BMRC's Youth Riding Clinic. He continued through the program for approximately a year before deciding to race with the club. Nathaniel described his transition into racing: "In 2016, I began to race under the tutelage of Coach Cyril [Whitter III] who taught the program. As a youth with an attention deficit disorder, riding provides a unique avenue to focus on one specific task which has proven difficult in my academic life." 

Nathaniel excelled and progressed with his racing throughout the season. In 2017 he was awarded the first place, championship title for his category, Minibike Senior, and was further awarded "The One to Watch Award" for his showmanship and persistent riding style. 

Nathaniel says that "in the process, I have come to know a number of amazing people who support and encourage my endeavors. I am looking forward to this trip and how it can help me grow as a rider." We know that this young and rising racer is bound to make a name for himself both in racing and in life.

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