Overseas Youth Racing Spotlight: Kymaree Pitt


Kymaree Pitt, a ten-year-old St David's Primary School student, enjoys playing outside with his friends, playing football, spending time with his family and riding motorcycles. 

In 2015 Kymaree received an electric motorcycle for Christmas. "He rode that bike like he was a professional rider" his mother, Samantha, recalls. He quickly mastered the bike and neighbors would ask if he rode at the race track, though he had not yet received any formal training. Kymaree was a true natural when it came to riding, and eventually racing. 

In November of 2016, Kymaree tragically lost his father to a sudden death. His mother remembers that "this made him very sad. In February of 2017, his Godpa [Shannon Simmons] signed him up with the BMRC which made him happy." His newfound sport brought a level of joy back into his life. As a talented rider, Kymaree skipped the beginner class and joined the advanced group, progressing with ease. His determination led him to place third in the Minibike Junior class in his debut race season.

Kymaree has been racing for just over a year now. "He can also ride a 50cc rental, only on the tracks of course" jokes Samantha. He is one of several students now mastering the club's newest fleet of Oleander Cycles sponsored Youth Riding Clinic scooters. Kymaree's passion for training and racing is undeniable, and he is looking forward to the next level of development with his peers in California next weekend.

We are seeking sponsorship to bring the group cost down for the training expenses - every donation helps. If you are interested in supporting the group by making a financial contribution, please visit their GoFundMe Page at https://www.gofundme.com/bermudakidsvisitm1gp

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