Overseas Racing Spotlight: Keimari Burchall

Keimari Burchall

Keimari Burchall

It is a pleasure to introduce you to Keimari Burchall, a 17 years old student from Cedarbridge Academy. He has always had a passion for racing. 

Throughout childhood, he spent a lot of time riding bikes. "I would get excited whenever I heard a bike starting up or if I saw someone going fast", he recalls.  

Watching races on television has inspired Keimari to race: "It seemed so fun to me that I wanted to try it and so far I have been doing really good." In 2017, he secured the second place title in the Minibike Senior class, regularly battling his competitors for the top position until the very last corner. Spectators are always sure to enjoy some fierce racing when he is on the track. 

We are keeping our eyes on this young athlete to see where his racing career will take him next.

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