Overseas Racing Spotlight: Aiden Lopes

Aiden Lopes

Aiden Lopes

Meet Aiden Lopes, an S1 student at the Berkeley Institute, a sailing enthusiast and a great role model for other youth in the group. 

He has a strong passion for sailing and has developed a great interest in motorcycle racing, spurring from a very young age. 

His father, Carlos Lopes, found out about the BMRC through one of his friends and immediately signed Aiden up for the beginner summer clinic in 2016. By winter of 2016/2017, his riding skills had flourished and he moved up to the advanced clinic. 

Aiden decided to race during the 2017 race season in hopes of gaining more experience. He is proud to admit that "my coaches say that I have lots of talent and see potential for growth in this sport." Keeping his passions in mind, Aiden is considering a career in mechanics or something in the sailing industry.

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