Overseas Racing Spotlight: Sheun Simmons

Sheun Simmons

Sheun Simmons

Our final racer spotlight is on Sheun Simmons. He's a big personality in the group and a  student from Whitney Institute Middle School

Sheun has always had a passion for bikes. "He used to ride around on his Sesame Street Slimey the Worm push along as if he was in a speed race until he got his first, second-hand BMX bike from his cousin," his father, Shannon Simmons, recalls. You couldn’t find a smile bigger than his when he hopped on that bike. 

At the tender age of 2 years old, Sheun was zooming around on his tiny BMX with no training wheels doing "poppa wheelies", skeeting and lapping in circles at full speed all day, every day with a serious face and focused as if he knew one day he would be on a bigger, faster and more professional looking bike.

"I remember we held a family function at the house and Sheun was riding his bike, and his toe got caught in the spokes, causing an injury" Shannon went on to explain. "Upon rushing him to the hospital and receiving treatment for the serious injury, he came back home and hopped right back on his bike as if nothing happened. That was determination and commitment right there."

One sunny Saturday years later, Sheun and his dad took a ride to Clearwater to visit the track where Sheun spotted bikes racing for the first time. He was excited and eager to ride. Needless to say, he was signed up that day and has been a part of the BMRC since then, at the age of 9 years old.

Sheun now loves to start his dad’s bike in the morning and ride around the yard on it, just to prove that he is a skilled and professional rider and can ride any bike set in front of him. 

"At 5’3 he has a big ego for bikes, and we love it! As a father, watching my son doing what he loves, it’s good to know that he is gaining the experience, discipline and learning the correct ways to handle a bike. Once he is of legal age, he will know how to ride on our roads and to avoid situations on them. There is no greater joy than seeing your child do what they love and the happiness it brings to them.”

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