Year round riding programs are offered for young riders interested in the sport and skill of motorcycle racing. Structured lessons are based at the RUBiS Southside Raceway in the island’s east end and include two-hour sessions led by our team of Bermudian ex-pro racers. 

Riding 101: Beginners

Students gain an introduction to the skills necessary to safely ride a motorcycle in Riding Clinic 101, including balance, throttle control, concentration, and learning bike parts and functions. Children must be aged 5 years or older and know how to ride a bicycle without training wheels to enter this program. Over the course of our 8 to 10-week program, students build body awareness and begin to assess their own limits and capabilities on the track. 

Riding 102: Advanced Beginners
Riding Clinic 102 continues on helping students to master the basics of motorcycle riding that they worked through during Riding 101. Students advance through a series of tiered drills and routines that strengthen their knowledge and reflexes on the track. Students in this class will continue to build confidence in varied riding conditions and track layouts.

Riding 201: Intermediate: Racing Fundamentals
Once students have successfully advanced through both Riding 101 and 102, they are invited to enter into our Riding 201: Racing Fundamentals. Within this program, students will already have a good understanding of the skill and knowledge necessary to ride a motorcycle. Students will be guided in simple mechanics to assess and maintain their own motorcycles while gaining insight into proper technique and confidence needed to begin a career in the sport of motorcycle racing. Students in this program continuously build onto their unique skill sets. 


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